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Scout Campsite Bieslandse Bos is a spacious campsite where a total of around 300 Scouts can camp.

Our site is always available to hiking Scouts or Scouts passers-by, no matter how busy we are.

In some weekends, it can be so busy that you might prefer other siter or perhaps another date. Most times however, we will have sufficient capacity.

During summer holidays, we have a lower limit for the number of campers. This way we can keep the quality of camping at the required standard. Should you want to visit us in July, be prepared to book well in advance!


Scouting Non-profit
Camping (p.p.p.n) € 2,75 € 4,50
Day use only € 1,50 € 2,75
Electricity (per weekend) € 5,00 € 7,50
Electricity (per extra day) € 2,50 € 3,75
Table with 2 benches (per weekend) € 5,00 € 7,50
Table with 2 benches (per extra day) € 2,50 € 3,75
Canoe (open, max. 2, per half day) € 12,50 € 17,50
Large tent rental (6 m × 5 m or 8 m × 5 m), incl. erect / take down (per weekend) € 125,00 € 175,00
Large tent rental (per extra night) € 30,00 € 45,00
Tent rental 3-4 persons (per weekend) € 10,00 € 17,50
Tent rental 3-4 persons (per extra night) € 5,00 € 7,50

Booking office

To make a reservation or other questions about availability, please contact our Booking office. This can be done by e-mail to or by using the reservation form. Calling the campsite with questions about reservations or availability is useless.

Conditions of use

Read our camprules and make sure the members of your group are familiar with these regulations. And act accordingly.