The Campsite Bieslandse Bos has various cities nearby, within cycling or tram distance.


Pijnacker is the village the campsite is located. Various practical things, like supermarkets, can be found here.



Delft is a city with great historical value. Lots of museums and very interesting to tourists. Also, it is the top location for pub visits and leisure shopping on a sunny day.

Den Haag

Den Haag or The Hague is our Royal Residency. A city with lots of palaces, and seat of the Dutch government. Apart from that, lots of shops, cinemas and the beach. All this is within cycling distance or accessible by tram.


Zoetermeer is a modern city, where various active activities can be done.


Rijswijk is located between Delft and Den Haag with a number of nice trips.


Leidschendam is close to Den Haag with a number of active activities.


Rotterdam is the city famous for its Port of Rotterdam, but also for its abundant modern architecture, big buildings and bridges. A short trip from Pijnacker with the metro.


Wassenaar is close to Den Haag with a number of nice trips.


Leiden is a cozy town with a rich history and many museums. Leiden is within traveling distance, albeit that it is slightly further.


The capital of the Netherlands, that needs no further introduction. If you haven't visited Amsterdam, can you say you really were in the Netherlands?