Options at and from the campsite

Blik op het terrein

The campsite lies in a wonderful nature and recreational area. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy this. And with various cities nearby there are many options for a varity of activities outside the campsite.

Our campfire pit: Phoenix

The Phoenix is our large fireplace for campfires, that offers seating to approximately 200-250 persons. The three lanes of benches are interrupted by a large stage with stairs to a rear balcony. If you want to you can play Romea and Juliet, the balcony scene is covered.

This fireplace can’t be booked in advance. Together with the other groups you’ll all agree on who is using it when.

Obstacle course

We have an obstacle course near the field Kiekendief. It consists of 8 different obstacles.

Recreational pond

Next to the campsite is a large swimming pond known as “De Dobbeplas”. This is part of a larger recreational area, which extends from Delft, via Nootdorp and Pijnacker till the highway A12 near Zoetermeer.

The pond has many park features as well as a sandy beach, playground, sunbathing area and various paths. It is ideal for walking, raft building, swimming, rowing or fishing. Near the mill is a skeeler track and the southeast side is a paradise for birdwatchers exploring nature.

Material to build a raft is present at our campsite, and you can rent two 3-person canoes from the warden.

Tip: When everyone is happily rowing on their rafts, it is very convenient for the leaders to rent a canoe, because they can be quickly there should anything happen.

Swimming pool

Within walking distance in Pijnacker is the indoor swimming pool De Viergang. This pool is part of a larger complex with squash, fitness, sauna etc.