City trips

The Bieslandse Bos camp site is surrounded by towns and big cities, making for many opportunities for sight-seeing. Public transport access by train, tram, bus or even by light-rail link from The Haque to Rotterdam!

The Hague


Delft is a city with great historical value. Lots of museums and very interesting to tourists. Also, it is the top location for pub visits and leisure shopping on a sunny day.
Website Delft municipality

On the municipal website there's lots of information on museums. , with most popular visits by previous campers:

Or alternatively:

The Hague

The Hague is our residency. A city with lots of palaces, and seat of the Dutch government. On the third Tuesday of September, you can even see our queen on tour to the opening of parliament.
Apart from that, lots of shops, cinemas and three places to go to the beach. all this is within cycling distance (or accessible by tram).

Website The Hague Marketing &Events

Popular with previous campers:


Leiden is also within traveling distance, albeit a bit further.


Rotterdam is the city famous for its Port of Rotterdam, but also for its abundant modern architecture, big buildings and bridges.
Municipal website:

Previous campers went to see:

Tip: Hike to Scoutcentre Rotterdam, and use the subway for your day trips (City transport: RET)

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Not around the corner as such, but for foreign groups often a must see: