Medical help


There are two hospitals in the area. One in Delft and one in Zoetermeer. They are equally close to the site, so we have chosen the one in Delft because the directions are easier to follow.

Printed directions are available from the warden, and here as a download, so that you might be well prepared enjoying your camp.

G.P. for small accidents

For a general practitioner, you can either choose Nootdorp or Pijnacker:


Apotheek Pijnacker
Oostlaan 40, 2641 DL Pijnacker
015-369 36 66 (mon-fri)

Apotheek Pijnacker Centrum
Stationsstraat 47a, 2641 GJ Pijnacker
015-369 78 35 (mon-fri)

Apotheek Nootdorp
Kerkweg 19, 2631 CB Nootdorp
015-310 71 19 (mon-fri, sat:0800-1400)